Friday, January 28, 2011


Hey, guys. We just got done with an Engage meeting, here at the Wines'. We've decided (upon Amanda's request) to update the blog more frequently, and anyone can update it as they feel led. So have fun with it, own a piece of it, and check it often!

Amanda is going to bring you weekly Bible verses. Stay tuned for that.

At tonight's meeting, we discussed the possibility of having a mission/goal for 2011. One mission that we discussed is the issue of abortion. We could specifically partner with the Pregnancy Support Center, pray at the abortion clinic, and possibly talk about abstinence at local schools.

If anyone has any alternative ideas for a mission for 2011, please bring them to the next meeting. We are open to other ideas. If you're on board with making abortion the mission for 2011, please bring ideas of how we can serve our community in this, or please bring any kind of research/statistics you may know about the issue. We want to be well prepared for whatever God wants us to do in this.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting!

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